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somebody people



(non alcoholic)


t h e a t r e  k i d

seedlip grove | beets | citrus

s u b u r b a n  g l o r y

pumpkin spice | coffee | oat milk

l a s t  r e s o r t

seedlip spice | orange

cinnamon | vanilla

r e v e n g e  d r e s s

seedlip | lyres italian orange 

n/a beet vermouth

f a l s e  a l a r m

seedlip spice | ginger 

vanilla | n/a sparkling wine


b o o t s  n  c a t s

vodka | pineapple

cinnamon | banana


r o s e m a r y ' s  b a b y

gin | genever | rosemary

douglas fir brandy


r a d i o  f l y e r

mezcal | tequila | brandy

ginger | paprika


c a u t i o n a r y  t a l e

monkey shoulder scotch

hine cognac | banana | cacao


w e s t e r n  p l a y l a n d

rye | clear creek pear brandy

ginger | amaro


somebody people

wine and beer



sparkling - serata, prosecco $11

steinbock, alcohol removed sparkling $13

white - hobo, sauvignon blanc $11

albamar, albarino $13

red - cooper hills, pinot noir $11

elio perrone, barbera $14

piak, grolleau $15

 carafe   half   full  

          white  $22   $42         

          red    $22   $42        


crooked stave

von pilsner

keller pilsner



crooked stave

juicy east

pale ale




emerald city

blackberry pear cider




apple jasmine hard kombucha

12 oz



crooked stave

mojave blonde

blonde ale

12 oz can



shrouded summit

white ale

12 oz can

$7 (GF)

toppling goliath

pseudo sue

american pale ale




dark star

oatmeal stout



oakshire brewing

 northwest amber ale






12 oz


perennial artisan ales

saison de lis

chamomile belgian ale



untitled art

n/a italian pilsner

12 oz can



three kings

summer breeze, blue sunshine, womxn's brew

12oz can


juicy lucy





dram adaptogenic sparkling water

gingergrass or lemongrass

12oz can


dinner anchor

somebody people

food menu


$43 per person

(whole table participation)

natural wine pairing $35 per person

b r e a d  s e r v i c e

olive | blood orange | sage

s o u p

carrot | cauliflower | fenu greek
$9 (GF)

b e e t s

basil | pistachio | verjus

$12 (GF)

s a l a d

local greens | sultana 

 garlic vinegar

$10 (GF)

a r a n c i n i

sunflower | garlic

mint | parsley 


p o t a t o e s

garlic | anaheim | dill

$14 (GF)

m u s h r o o m s

cauliflower | saba | sherry

$15 (GF)

c a b b a g e

mustard seed | horseradish | chili

$15 (GF)

r i s o t t o

sunchoke | taro

$20 (GF)

m a n i c o t t i

jelly potato | sunflower seed

pink peppercorn | nutmeg


r i g a t o n i

cherry tomato | shallot



g n o c c h i 

Japanese yam | chermoula | berber


somebody people

sweet menu


o l i v e  o i l  c a k e

balsamic cherries | blood orange


c h o c o l a t e  c a k e

hazelnut |fernet | blackberry


p o t  d e  c r e m e

chocolate | cashew | caramel

$9 (GF)

 s o m e b o d y ' s

h o u s e m a d e  i c e  c r e a m

apricot earl grey

pineapple upside down

cherry chocolate

mandarin sorbet



c o f f e e

huckleberry roasters | oat milk

e s p r e s s o


a m e r i c a n o



m a t c h a


c a p p u c i n o


l a t t e



t e a

(we use the legendary spirit tea)

a m b r o s i a  b l a c k 


f r a g r a n t  c o n s o r t


c h a m o m i l e 


q u i  y u n  w h i t e


c r e s c e n t  g r e e n


r o s e l l a  h e r b a l



c h a i



starting january 1st, 2023, we have added a 20% service charge to all checks in addition to our 1% charitable farm donation. additional staff love is appreciated!

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