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somebody people



(non alcoholic)

c a n  i  k i c k  i t

seedlip grove | blueberry

hibiscus | lemongrass | lime


u n d e r  t h e

b o a r d w a l k

 pineapple | coconut

 lime | cinnamon



t h e  l y r e ' s  c l u b

dhos juniper | lyres Italian

orange | citrus cordial | birch

 n/a sparkling | tonic




b o r n  u n d e r

p u n c h e s

plantation 3 star | goslings

orange | ginger | lime


s w e e t  e m o t i o n

arette tequila | triple sec

 faccia brutto | ginger 

cucumber | green pepper

 celery | lemon


s t r a w b e r r y  f i e l d s

mell vodka | lychee

strawberry | pistachio | lemon



s p r i n g  f e v e r

rayu mezcal | arette tequila

 kalani coconut | charaeu aloe

 matcha | pineapple

 lime | salt



no rain

askur gin

contratto bitter | amaro

montenegro | cantaloupe

lemon | salt


m o n  s h e r r y - a m o u r

flor de cana rum | fino sherry

velvet falernum | watermelon

lime | peychauds 



d i r t y  d e e d s

askur gin | mell vodka

aquavit | dry vermouth | celery

olive brine


b r i n g  d a  r u c k u s

four roses bourbon

banana giffard

amaro importante

bitters | lemon


h o u s e  o f  t h e 

r y e - s i n g  s u n

uncle nearest rye

 pineapple amaro | banana

 lavender | ipa | lemon 


e s p r e s s o  m a r t i n i

mell vodka

 mr. black espresso liqueur

demerara | huck espresso




orange | pineapple | lemonade

6 oz


seasonal blend

cucumber, green apple, celery

8 oz



ask your server for our amari selection

and build your own flight board


somebody people's selection

montenegro | ciociaro | foro





l'atzar , cava $13

steinbock, n/a sparkling $13


somebody's vino, house chardonnay blend $13

marigny, riesling blend $16

wiseguy, sauvignon blanc $13

rene lequin-colin, aligote $17

rodica, malvazija $15


rose / skin contact

chateau mourgues du gres, grenache/syrah $14

neon gold, trollinger $14

esoterico, zibibbo blend $12


somebody's vino, house grenache / syrah $13

it'll do, pinot noir $13

heliotropes, cinsault blend $18

minimum, sangiovese blend $16

jungle jungle, dolcetto $12

true blue, grenache blend $12

 carafe            half  full

          red (house)     25    46        

white (house)      25    46  


apres pilsner

crooked stave

16 oz


juicy east IPA

crooked stave

16 oz


wild state

  honey crisp imperial cider 

 12 oz


petite peach sour

crooked stave




half acre

daisy cutter pale ale

16oz can



amber ale

16oz can


great divide 

tangerine riot fruited ipa

12oz can 


denver beer company

princess yum yum

12oz can



palisade peach

blue sunshine

strawberry lavender vanilla

12oz can



dinner anchor

somebody people

food menu

supporting local denver farms

tasty acres

ela family farm

esoterra gardens

kilt farms

jacob's mushrooms

mountain man microgreens


$48 per person

(whole table participation)


natural wine pairing

additional $45 per person

we are showcasing

natty vino from around the world 

g r i l l e d  s o u r d o u g h

served with rotating

seasonal spread

(gf on request+$1)

may contain nuts


a r a n c i n i

asparagus | tonnato

meyer lemon


s h a v e d  c e l e r y

dates | smoked almond | dill

$14 (gf)

e s o t e r r a

f a r m  s a l a d

radish | red onion | sourdough

croutons | red wine vinaigrette

$15 (gfo)

c u c u m b e r

a g u a c h i l e

cucumber shallot vinaigrette

red onion | mint


m a r i n a t e d

p l u m s

 celtuce | radish | sweet lime vinaigrette


r  o a s t e d   b r o c c o l i

ajo blanco | almonds | sumac

parsley mint salsa

$17 (gf)

c a b b a g e

bagna cauda | toasted

hazelnuts | chives


r o a s t e d

c a u l i f l o w e r

vadouvan spice | pistachio

pesto | salsa verde

$18 (gf)

c r e a m y  p o l e n t a

cauliflower caponata

golden raisins | tomato


$20 (gf)

o r e c c h i e t t e

braised sofrito | salsa verde



t a g l i a t e l l e

summer squash

zucchini | oregano | chili flakes


c a m p a n e l l i

tomato | garlic

red chili


somebody people

sweet menu


t i r a m i s u

coffee | vanilla | amaro


p i n e a p p l e  u p s i d e 

d o w n  c a k e

lime whip | luxardo cherry


p a n n a  c o t t a 

seasonal toppings (GF)


c h o c o l a t e  c h i p

c o o k i e



g l u t e n  f r e e

c h o c  c h i p  c o o k i e

$7 (gf)


huckleberry roasters | oat milk

e s p r e s s o


a m e r i c a n o


m a t c h a


c a p p u c c i n o


l a t t e



legendary spirit tea

a m b r o s i a  b l a c k


r o s e l l a


c h a m o m i l e



c r e s c e n t  g r e e n


We have added a 20% service charge to all checks in addition to our 1% Zero Foodprint donation.


Any additional staff love is appreciated but not necessary nor expected.


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