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somebody people



(non alcoholic)

 a p p l e  s t r e t c h i n g

seedlip | apple | chai

cinnamon | lemon


r e n d e z v o u s

seedlip | ginger | mint

lime | blackberry



p l a y  i n  t h e  s u n s h i n e

dhos juniper | cranberry

orange | lemon







seasonal juice blend

fennel, orange, carrot, ginger

10 oz


orange | pineapple | lemonade

8 oz



s i l v e r  s t r e a m

 pink gin

pink aquavit | lemon | soda


p u r e  i m a g i n a t i o n 

coconut vodka | pineapple amaro | oat milk

chocolate bitters




s o m e b o d y ' s  t o d d y

kyrö rye | velvet falernum

 ginger | lemon



i r t y  d e e d s

mythology vodka | askur gin

 empirical soka | norden

aquavit | olive | celery


p l a n e t  q u e e n

rayu mezcal | pomegranate
cinnamon | all spice

lime | amaro


b r i n g  d a  r u c k u s

four roses bourbon | banana giffard 

amaro importante | bitters | lemon


s a l e m ' s  l a b r y n t h

askur gin | douglas fir brandy

 pear | vanilla | lemon




p i n k  c a s h m e r e

arette blanco tequila | singani

faccia brutto | grapefruit

lime | rosemary | pink




e s p r e s s o  m a r t i n i

mythology vodka

 mr. black espresso liqueur

demerara | huck espresso






l'atzar , cava $12

surely, n/a prosecco $13


somebody's vino, house blend $12

scala, greco bianco $15

de fermo, pecorino / chardonnay  $16

amvive, grenache blanc $20



neon gold, trollinger $14

clos mourres, caladoc $16


somebody's vino, house grenache / syrah $12

where's linus?, BLM zin blend $13

paolo scavino, nebbiolo  $14

easton, zinfandel $15

lofi, cabernet franc $15

colli di lapio, aglianico $15

birdhouse heliotropes, cinsault $18

ficomontantino, sangiovese $18

le ragose, valpolicella ripasso $15

 carafe            half  full

 red (house)      25    46

white (house)      25    46  


von pilsner

crooked stave

16 oz


juicy east IPA

crooked stave

16 oz


sour rose

crooked stave

12 oz


aquila cellers

  apricari cider 

 12 oz



crooked stave

mexican lager

12oz can


half acre

daisy cutter pale ale

16oz can



amber ale

16oz can


denver beer company

princess yum yum

12oz can


untitled art

n/a italian style pils

12oz can


serps lord


750 ml


serps six pilgrims


750 ml



palisade peach

blue sunshine

smoked apple chai

12oz can



dinner anchor

somebody people

food menu

supporting local denver farms

tasty acres

ela family farm

esoterra gardens

kilt farms

jacob's mushrooms

mountain man microgreens


$45 per person

(whole table participation)


natural wine pairing

additional $45 per person

we are showcasing

natty vino from around the world 

g r i l l e d  s o u r d o u g h

served with rotating

seasonal spread

(gf on request+$1)

may contain nuts


c i t r u s  s a l a d

 arugula | pistachio | herbs

fennel | orange coriander vin


c e l e r y  s a l a d

dates | smoked almond | dill

$14 (gf)

a r a n c i n i 

mushroom | caramelized onion

aioli | lemon zest



r o a s t e d  p a r s n i p s

local roasted parsnips | pickled currants | fried rosemary 

$15 (gf)

r o a s t e d  b e e t s

tarragon aioli | beet furikake

beet vinaigrette

$14 (gf)

g r a i n  s a l a d

farro | pumpkin | almonds

pomegranate shallot salsa


r o a s t e d   b r o c c o l i

ajo blanco | almonds | sumac

parsley mint salsa

$16 (gf)

c a b b a g e

slow braised | white bean miso

salsa macha | shiso


c r e a m y  p o l e n t a

cauliflower caponata 

golden raisins | tomato


$18 (gf)

c r e s t e  d i  g a l l o

mushroom ragu | white wine

grilled chicory


t u b e t t i  r i g a t i

borlotti beans | arugula

 blistered cherry



s p a g h e t t i  

a r r a b b i a t a

red chili | garlic 



somebody people

sweet menu

t i r a m i s u

coffee whip, chocolate sauce


a u s s i e  l a m i n g t o n

chocolate, coconut

vanilla whip


i c e c r e a m / s o r b e t 

blueberry blackberry sorbet

white chocolate raspberry


c h o c o l a t e  c h i p

c o o k i e



g l u t e n  f r e e

c h o c  c h i p  c o o k i e

$7 (gf)


huckleberry roasters | oat milk

e s p r e s s o


a m e r i c a n o


m a t c h a


c a p p u c c i n o


l a t t e


c h a i  l a t t e



legendary spirit tea

a m b r o s i a  b l a c k


r o s e l l a 


c h a m o m i l e 



c r e s c e n t  g r e e n


We have added a 20% service charge to all checks in addition to our 1% Zero Foodprint donation.


Any additional staff love is appreciated but not necessary nor expected.


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